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The TInnGO 10 European hubs are conducting a survey to gather information about mobility patterns of citizens in Europe during the Covid-19 crisis and compare this situation with the behavior of users in a pre-Covid scenario.

The results will provide insights on how this pandemic has affected user´s employability and mobility patterns.

The survey aims at characterizing mobility patterns, people’s perception of mobility options available, and the expected impact of transport policies and technologies in the user’s experience. The study will be carried out in two phases: a pilot survey that started in August and will end on 15th September, followed by the second phase survey between 28th September and November 2020.

This work will contribute to identifying differences between the mobility patterns of men and women, as well as in employment opportunities in the transport sector, and assess to what extent the available transport systems meet the mobility needs of their users by using an intersectionality perspective. Moreover, different analyses will be performed since participants will have been under distinct lock-down restrictions.

The currently running survey is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, Lithuanian, Greek, French, and German.