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Women in Transport Platform for Change

The objective of the Women in Transport – EU Platform for change (the Platform), launched on 27 November 2017, is to strengthen women’s employment and equal opportunities for women and men in the transport sector thanks to the actions brought about by the Platform members. It will also serve as a forum to discuss and exchange good practices.

On the Platform you may:

  1. sign the Declaration to ensure equal opportunities for women and men in the transport sector
  2. get Information about the Platform
  3. exchange good practices
  4. get inspired by examples of measures that can be taken at company level to improve gender balance

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DIAMOND project analyses and converts data into knowledge with notions of impartiality to support gender inclusion in current and future transport systems from the perspective of women as transport users and as professionals in the sector. It is a H2020 EU-funded project which started on November 2018 and ends on October 2021.

The project makes use of data mining and analytics, together with the use of elicitation techniques in order to gather and analyse gender desegregated data, including new sources, to identify, design and evaluate specific measurements for fulfilling women’s needs and expectations from the transport sector.

The knowledge gathered is to be fed into a self-diagnoses tool, a practical decision support system and for the production of diverse materials, providing recommendations on how to achieve fair gender inclusiveness in different scenarios and promoting female employment in the sector.

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Women in Maritime

Today, women represent only two percent of the world’s 1.2 million seafarers and 94 percent of female seafarers are working in the cruise industry. Within this historically male dominated industry, International Maritime Organization (IMO) has been making a concerted effort to help the industry move forward and support women to achieve a representation that is in keeping with twenty-first century expectations.

Within the framework of maritime development, and through its Women in Maritime programme, under the slogan: “Training-Visibility-Recognition“, IMO has taken a strategic approach towards enhancing the contribution of women as key maritime stakeholders. IMO continues to support the participation of women in both shore-based and sea-going posts.

IMO’s gender programme was initiated in 1988. At that time, only a few maritime training institutes opened their doors to female students. Since then, IMO’s gender and capacity-building programme has helped put in place an institutional framework to incorporate a gender dimension into IMO’s policies and procedures. This has supported access to maritime training and employment opportunities for women in the maritime sector.

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Women Mobilize Women

In May 2018, the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) launched Women Mobilize Women as the first conference to empower women in transport, with 200 female as well as male transport experts gathering in Leipzig, Germany.

The conference actively involved female change makers from all over the world: all speakers and at least two-thirds of participants were women fostering knowledge exchange and in-depth discussions on female empowerment focused on the implementation of sustainable mobility solutions on the ground – by women, for women!


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Women in Rail

Women in Rail was created to improve diversity in the UK rail industry through providing networking opportunities and support for all women within the sector, encourage undertakings and stakeholders to adopt diversity as a business strategy and devising initiatives aimed at positioning rail as an attractive career choice for young people.

The membership of Women in Rail currently includes representatives from a wide range of undertakings and stakeholders across the UK rail industry.

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European Institute for Gender Equality

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) is an autonomous body of the European Union, established to contribute to and strengthen the promotion of gender equality, including gender mainstreaming in all EU policies and the resulting national policies, and the fight against discrimination based on sex, as well as to raise EU citizens’ awareness of gender equality.

EIGE’s three strategic objectives for the programming period 2019 to 2021 are as follows:

  • To provide high quality research and data to support better informed and evidence based decision-making by policymakers and other key stakeholders working to achieve gender equality;
  • To manage all knowledge produced by EIGE to enable timely and innovative communication that meets the targeted needs of key stakeholders;
  • To meet the highest administrative and financial standards while supporting the needs of EIGE’s personnel.

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