TInnGO made its first appearance at SUMPS conference (17th to 18th June 2019) in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Andree Woodcock Project Manager of TInnGO (Coventry University, UK) and Elena Tavlaki (Signosis, Belgium) presented a showreel of project partners and national hubs in the market place.

The TInnGO work is directly relevant to the SUMP process as we have to ensure that gender and diversity mainstreaming and the need for fair, inclusive and equitable transport are embedded at all stages of the process. Work already conducted by the project, shows that many countries do not have gender equality in transport decision making bodies.

Catch up with us next at the 6th International Conference on Women’s Transportation Issues (10-13 September in Irvine, California) or at Civitas Forum (2nd to 4th October in Graz)