Three research teams from the EU TInnGO project participated in the Conference on HCI in Mobility, Transport and Automotive Systems (MOBITAS)

On 29-31 July 2019 in Orlando, FL, USA, TInnGO project organized the session on Gender Equality and Smart Mobility. Focus was on gender issues in the digitalised ”smart” mobility world, gendered innovations, user centred design and planning for gender smart mobility. The session actualised that gender and diversity is often foreseen in current developments on smart automative systems and smart cities; and stated that gender should be included early in the innovation and planning processes.

The presentations:
• Gender Issues in the Digitalized ´Smart´ Mobility World – Conceptualization and Empirical Findings Applying a Mixed Methods Approach: Barbara Lenz, Viktoriya Kolarova, Kerstin Stark, Germany.
• User Centred Design of a Knowledge Repository to Support Gender Smart Mobility: Cathleen Schöne, Sebastian Spundflasch, Heidi Krömker, Germany.
• Smart Biking as Gendered Innovations? The case of Mobike in China: Hilda Roemer Christensen, Denmark.
• How to Integrate Gender Equality in the Future of “Smart” Mobility: A Matter for a Changing Planning Practice: Lena Levin, Sweden.

The conference proceedings can be downloaded from Springer

HCI in Mobility, Transport and Automotive Systems can be found here