The TInnGO Italian Hub, organized the webinar “Dove sono le donne?: Esperienze lavorative ed imprenditorialità nel mondo dei trasporti” (Where are the women ?: Job experience and entrepreneurship in the world of transport) on Monday 14th June 2021.

After the introduction of Francesco Laio, director of the TInnGO partner Department of Environmental, Land and Infrastructure Engineering of the Politecnico di Torino, Miriam Pirra and Angela Carboni present the event and the activities of the Hub and the project on these issues. The workshop sees the interventions of associations that work to encourage female participation in industry and entrepreneurship, such as GammaDonna, presented by the president Valentina Parenti, and STEM by Women, with Giada Revelli. Then, experiences of women who work successfully in the sector are proposed, such as Eleonora Gargiulo, founder of Wher, Daniela De Nigris, manager of Smart Road of ANAS, Angelina Fadda, founder of GIRLS in Italy, and Barbara Amerio, CEO of Amer Yachts. Finally, an example of possible initiatives to support female entrepreneurship is shown, such as that of Amazon, presented by Martina Beretta, the company’s Business Development Manager.

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