In sustainable mobility and traffic planning, participation and communication processes are becoming more and more important and are required, for example, for receiving funding. In addition, many citizens would like to actively participate in the planning of their environment.

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As part of the e-smartec Project, funded by the Interreg Europe programme, we are offering a training course on the use of marketing techniques to involve relevant target groups in sustainable mobility planning. The success of the e-smartec Project is based on the exchange of experiences that are acquired in the project regions. Therefore, the training will be carried out by us and other project partners across 6 European regions.

The training is aimed at people working in transport, sustainable mobility planning, citizens engagement and marketing functions.

Coventry University Enterprises Ltd will deliver the training session for the West Midlands region on 13th May 2021 from 10 am to 11.30 am online (Microsoft Teams).

The programme includes:

Part 1:

• e-smartec project

• SUMP phases

• Marketing techniques

Part 2: Case study

Part 3: Discussion