The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) is an independent research institute within the transport sector. VTI is a broad-based and custom oriented centre for international research, development and advanced analytical work in the transport sector. VTI continuously improves knowledge of the transport sector in order to secure an effective and long-term sustainable provision of transport services. Social and behavioural issues constitute an important part of transport policy and represent a significant challenge for transport planning and road safety.

VTI contributes to the TInnGO project with expert knowledge and research on gender and diversity mainstreaming and impact assessment, i.e. who benefits and who is disadvantaged, who is included and excluded in community and transport planning. VTI is responsible for work package 6, where practice will be investigated and impacts of gender and diversity mainstreaming examined and explored. VTI is also responsible for the Danish/Swedish hub together with the University of Copenhagen.