The Co-ordination for Gender Research is an interdisciplinary unit located at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), which ranks among the 100 best universities in the world. The Co-ordination has a strong record in the interdisciplinary field of gender research and has pioneered new research and education in gender and transport, China studies, and the use of big data and quantitative methodology. Besides that, the Co-ordination for Gender Research has provided high-level expertise for Danish and European research agencies on the gender dimension in research and innovation.

The role of the University of Copenhagen and the Co-ordination for Gender Research will be the working up of a shared conceptual framework on Gender Smart Mobilities and the development of methodologies and analysis for the collected data across all TInnGO work packages. This includes the working up of concepts and gender and diversity perspectives as well as the use of new and innovative methods in conducting transport research and modelling.