The purpose of “Gender and Mobility report” is to shed light on gender inequalities and differences in transport and mobility and to contribute to bridging the data gender gap to create better mobility for all.

This report,  developed by Ramboll Smart Mobility in partnership with and supported by the Ramboll Foundation, Helsinki Region Transport (HSL), Region Stockholm and Trafikverket in Sweden and VBB in Berlin Germany; takes its starting point in international research. It then zooms in on seven national con-texts (Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, India, and Singapore) for which local expert inter-views, surveys and focus groups in the seven capital cities were conducted. The report is an attempt to create more awareness of the importance of gender in transport and mobility planning and design by identifying gender differences in behaviour, views, and challenges that the users are facing in their daily lives. Through the focus group interviews we provide a voice to real-life women to understand their thoughts, needs, experiences, fears and joys and to spark a discussion about different ways to secure more gender equality in the transport sector.