Women towards STEM

Women in some countries are forced to stay home and learn how to cook, knit and raise their kids. Some women are lucky to graduate from the middle school but some other do not even have the chance to go to school. Most of them are forced to get married in a very young age. Every day 39.000 girls from the young age of 10 to 19 years old get married.

These women are not able to make a life as they want to. Especially go to college. Even though, there are girls that have the opportunity to study whatever they want, most of them study literature. The values they are growing up with, are very similar to the once I said before. They think sciences are for men and women are not able to manage this.

If a woman engages in S.T.E.M., her male co-workers are most likely to underrate her and bring her down with phrases such as:

  • “go back to the kitchen”
  • “women can’t lead a S.T.E.M. team”

…and many others.

As you grow up many people will tell you directly or indirectly that you can’t do what men can do. Prove them wrong.

Elena, 12 years old, from Thessaloniki Greece, posted this note on her personal account today from where we published