VTM (http://www.vtm-global.com) is a leading Portuguese consultancy company, with 35 years, focused in the areas of transport, infrastructure and services planning and development, mobility, traffic engineering, road safety, logistics and waste management. The company focuses its advice to clients, political decision-makers and industrial decision makers on thorough and long-lasting relationships, allowing full commitment to deliver independent, competent, distinctive and fit-for-purpose solutions based on sound technical and analytical approaches.

VTM delivers very comprehensive and integrated range of research reports, technology assessments and consulting services that include strategic planning and operation of transportation systems, developing new solutions for mobility, developing business models, advising on public-private partnerships in the transport sector, financial and economic assessments, traffic engineering and logistics. Our methodologies include market and behavioral modelling using qualitative (focus group) and quantitative (discrete choice and/or structural equations models) techniques, Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) and simulation and optimization techniques. Our experience covers a wide range of technical areas in transport engineering and planning: mobility/socioeconomic sustainability/accessibility studies, Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA’s) and Economic Impact Analysis (EIA’s) of investments projects across the transport and utilities sector, transport systems modelling and forecasting for passengers and freight, urban systems (LRT’s, Metros, buses, rail and roads), interurban multimodal freight systems – to infrastructure and services operations (airports, motorways, light and heavy rail systems). Our extended experience in innovations in Public & Private Transport (mainly organizational, commercial and social) allows us to prepare proposals for improved mobility and equity considering the characteristics and the needs of the served demand. In terms of analysis of passenger behavior and requirements, the execution of surveys that have fed several past analysis of urban / suburban / rural mobility behavior. In this context we could bring in our current experience in dealing with mobility issues in low density territories and in socially / economically deprived regions. VTM is participating in SUITS project (Supporting Urban Integrated Transport Systems) which aims at supporting the growth of urban integrated transport system. VTM´s role in SUITS is the provision of the building blocks to capacity strengthening of all cities participating in SUITS, including the involvement of all stakeholders that participate in the SUMP development process whilst at the same time allowing for the development of a framework that may be used in a scalable way. VTM has been part of the consortium METPEX (MEasurement Tool to determine the quality of Passenger Experience), a research project funded in the context of the 7th Framework Programme of the EU. METPEX aimed at the development of a standardized tool to measure and evaluate passenger experience across whole journeys. VTM’s team was responsible for designing and implementing an innovative online multiplatform tool to assess passenger experience in all transport modes.