Ilmenau University of Technology has a long tradition in training engineers since 1894. The university upholds high standards, both in terms of academic content and in the facilities offered to students and researchers. The university occupies a leading position both nationally and internationally in a number of areas of research, pure and applied.

The Media Production Group has over 15 years’ experiences in the conception, design and evaluation of user interfaces and technology as well as user centered design and human factors. In recent years, this field of expertise has specialized on mobility. The media production group has worked in several national and European research projects in the mobility sector with a main focus on intermodal travel chains, analysis and design of user centered design of touchpoints along the travel chain, service design with regard of special mobility user groups, mobility patterns for special personas along intermodal travel chains and user centered design of learning environments for employees and stakeholders in the context of public transport.

The media production group unifies experts from the areas of:

  • Conception and evaluation of user-oriented systems,
  • User friendly design and visualization,
  • Hard- and software ergonomics,
  • Usability engineering and testing,
  • Empirical and social research methods.