SOCIETAL Travel CIC is a Social Enterprise, created to tackle transportation challenges by analysing travel data and applying transformative innovative solutions. Expanding on work carried out by the University of Northampton Institute of Logistics, Infrastructure, Supply and Transport (LIST) for the UK government (DfT)-funded Total Transport initiative, SOCIETAL’s founding partners are the University of Northampton and Northamptonshire County Council.

SOCIETAL aims to further the University’s social impact. By delivering empowerment through mobility, wellbeing from clean air, reduced congestion, healthy transport options, and improved access whilst generating employment opportunities in key local areas. Both financial and environmental accountability inform SOCIETAL’s research, leading to methodologies that can have local and global impact. Due to the partner arrangement, SOCIETAL is able to draw on the expertise of academic staff from the University of Northampton. Additionally, SOCIETAL has strong links with Local Authorities and stakeholders such as healthcare trusts.