Smart Continent LT UAB is a Lithuanian consultancy which operates as interdisciplinary research and consulting service provider. All experts have academic background and a considerable number remains closely associated with universities in positions of associated professors or lectors. Smart Continent LT transport team was involved in two FP7 projects: METPEX and AP2050+. METPEX – A Measurement Tool to Determine the Quality of the Passenger Experience METPEX was aimed to develop and evaluate a standardised tool to measure passenger experience across whole journeys.

METPEX stands for measurement tool to determine the quality of passenger experience and its results is used to inform policy makers in providing inclusive, passenger-oriented integrated transport systems that are accessible by all citizens. The development of an inclusive, validated passenger experience measurement instrument is the first step in creating high quality, user centered, integrated, accessible public transport services, which are capable of attracting and retaining public transport users whilst meeting sustainability targets. In the project Airport 2050+ the three discrete concepts were developed to highlight these three crucial characteristics – to be environmentally sustainable, affordable and time efficient. All concepts of sustainable airport were developed and validated within the research project. In Horizon 2020 Smart Continent is currently involved in two CIVITAS initiatives: projects PORTIS and SUITS. PORTIS – PORT-Cities: Integrating Sustainability. The project designs, demonstrates and evaluates integrated sets of sustainability measures in 5 major port cities located on the North Sea (Aberdeen and Antwerp), the Mediterranean Sea (Trieste), the Black Sea (Constanta), and Baltic Sea (Klaipeda). The project also involves a major international follower port city on the East China Sea (Ningbo). SUITS – Supporting Urban Integrated Transport Systems: Transferable tools for authorities. The overall aim of SUITS is to increase the capacity of local authorities to develop and implement sustainable, inclusive, integrated and accessible transport strategies, policies, technologies, practices, procedures, tools, measures and intelligent transport systems that recognize the end-to-end travel experiences of all users and freight. This will be achieved by taking a sociotechnical, approach to addressing capacity shortfalls in the six areas: innovative financing, evidence and argument, mobility intelligence, data gathering, procurement, safety and security. Smart Continent LT is leading in Lithuanian transport consulting sector. Large number of local transport related strategies and studies and research papers are conducted for National Government, Municipalities and large companies (such as national railways, port authority etc). Smart Continent LT is recently finalizing design of 6 sustainable urban mobility plans in Lithuania where women in transport domain is highlighted from user perspective. Smart Continent also run growing office in Riga (Latvia) which work as Smart Continent LV.