Public Municipal Company for Parking and Mobility (100% owned by the Municipality of Lisbon).and is responsible for managing the concession of public parking in the Lisbon Municipality. Parking is integrated into the global mobility and accessibilities system defined by the Lisbon City Council. EMEL’s activities cover the most important areas of the city of Lisbon, managing 47.000 on-street parking places, 2.000 parking meters and 22 off-street parking facilities with 5.000 parking spaces.

EMEL’s focus goes beyond parking enforcement. In fact, it has become an active agent for mobility in the city of Lisbon, with an extended set of responsibilities in the field of municipal mobility, managing a large number of mobility services and playing a crucial role in Lisbon’s urban mobility. EMEL also has a number of other responsibilities, such as managing the historical neighbourhoods with controlled access; promoting Park & Ride solutions; promoting electric vehicles, promoting and managing the electric Bike Sharing scheme – Gira.Bibicicletas de Lisboa – and ICT monitoring and real time data analysis to operational decisions. EMEL has experience on demonstration, implementation and testing in urban context.