Transport Innovation Gender Observatory

The European challenge

Women face higher risks and burdens than men in transport, due to unequal access to resources, education, job opportunities and entrenched socio-cultural norms.

TInnGO will develop a framework and mechanisms for a sustainable game change in European transport using the transformative strategy of gender and diversity sensitive smart mobility. It will address gender related contemporary challenges in the transport ecosystem and women’s mobility needs, creating a route for Gender Sensitive Smart Mobility in European Transport, which considers diversity of different groups. A Pan European observatory for gender smart transport innovation will provide a nexus for data collection, analysis, dissemination of gender mainstreaming tools and open innovation. TInnGO will lead research into a new era and use the knowledge to achieve impacts on Social, Economic, Environmental and European ambitions of growth, wealth and innovation.

The Project

TInnGO aims to combine existing tools and knowledge with new data, approaches and strategies in the following ways:

TInnGO has been designed to have a wide range of impacts at local, national and EU level in relation to society, culture, economy, environment, people and knowledge, addressing issues of employment, education, R&I, women’s mobility and their experiences, entrepreneurship, “the transport culture”, design and future transport scenarios.


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